From Rick Geary

Here is a shot of  my studio, where I spend many hours per day, not unlike the average office worker, except that I can get up and leave whenever I want.  Note the television (always on) and the bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper.

2 thoughts on “From Rick Geary”

  1. Hi Rick,

    it’s great to see your studio from which so much great work and so many perfectly parallel lines have been produced.

    My advice is to turn off the tv, and turn on internet radio and spoken word stuff. It is great and the pictures all happen in your head.

    Here are two great sites for entertaining spoken word stories

    The first is from the BBC. Each show is up for 7 days before it gets replaced by the next weeks episode. You can go by the shows name or the daily schedule. There is lots of good crime (and a brilliant Sherlock Holmes series) some good comedy too.

    I have just been doing a caricature of Vincent Price and found this goldmine of his spoken word and radio performances…creepy. I especially love the SUSPENSE story – “Three Skeleton Key”

    Anyway, keep up the fantastic work you are doing with NBM!


    —> ROBin


  2. I forgot to say that it is really nice to see your pencil roughs on this blog. It is so distinctive the way you change the shading into the patented “Geary linework” and singular lettering.

    –> ROBin


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