Fact and Fiction

It seems that a lot of people think that my comics are one hundred percent true. I remember being shocked when one of my friends said she assumed that all the stories in my comics actually happened to me. A number of people after reading my first book Flower and Fade asked me if I was still in touch with Erika, the main female character in the book. 

When I first heard these comments I got annoyed. I wanted to say all of it was fiction and that I made all of it up, but that really isn’t true. There are an awful lot of things that have actually happened to me in my comics. For example, In my new book Joe and Azat, the events shown above actually happened. I was riding in a taxi through the desert when the taxi driver stepped out of the car, popped the hood and opened the radiator cap to have boiling coolant explode in his face. That happened. The driver’s name was Dowlet. The car was a brand new BMW. 

But I can’t say that the book is one hundred percent true either. There are many real incidents in the book, but the plot is entirely fictional. I take pieces of my life, little memories, anecdotes, people, and events and then I throw them into a blender and they get all mixed up and twisted around. Real events get bent around, warped and reshaped. Fictional endings and beginnings get added. Facts that are irrelevant to the story get cut. Three real people get mashed together into one character. Events get reordered for the sake of the story. New events are made up because narratively they should have happened.

It’s all a jumbled mess by the end, and sometimes when I’m looking at a comic I’ve done I’m not sure if what I wrote is factual or not. It all feels true by the end.

Hopefully, people don’t get too hung up on the reality of the book and they just enjoy the story.

Anyway, Joe and Azat should be coming out in September before SPX. Check it out. And check out my blog for more comics that I’m not sure actually happened or not.

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