So this is a sequence from Joe and Azat that I decided to redraw. The sequence on top is the original drawing that I didn’t like, and the one on the bottom is what appears in the finished book. This sequence takes place inside a video game that Joe and Azat are playing and I thought it would be better to keep it static with the two fighters staying the same size and the viewed from the same angle.

I don’t read or draw superheroes too much anymore, but this sequence was a fun little digression from the rest of the book. The character who is winning the fight is one that I came up with in high school named General Eric (which abbreviates to Gen. Eric)(I thought I was so clever). He had no powers or anything. He just went around causing mayhem. The comics I drew with him in them were really really really bloody. 

Eric also made a cameo in my first book Flower and Fade. He shows up at a costume party, but it’s just somebody dressed like him so no one gets killed.

Joe and Azat should be coming up sometime in the next month. Pick it up.

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