Jazma Interview and HEEB review of THE BIG KAHN

Two more BIG KAHN bits for your scoresheets – first, a decent little interview went up at Jazma Online.

Jazma: Why write about the Jewish faith?

Neil: Write what you know, basically. Honestly, I think one of the things that drags me back to Jewish comics might be that I’m the one of the few out there doing it. See… you know the comics industry, right? That insecure medium that flies into a tizzy anytime someone mentions comics on television, in movies, etcetera? The victimized, oppressed literature that’s been looking for respect for so long that it clings to moments when the ‘mainstream’ acknowledges its existence, pointing and shouting and thrilled when someone makes a Justice League reference on the news or drops Doctor Doom’s name in a novel or flashes a Hellboy poster in a movie? Remember comics? Judaism is the religious equivalent of the comic book industry. We puff our chests out with pride and make sure everyone knows when the X-Files features a golem lore or some sitcom has a ‘very special Passover episode’ or Ben Grimm turns out to be a Yid. Jews are never the action heroes—we’re Bruce Willis’ lawyers, Indiana Jones’ accountants and sometimes, if Adam Sandler is having a good day, we’re comedic relief.”

HEEB Magazine, the great little magazine I did a one page comic for way back when, just posted a nice little review with one minor quibble. A quibble, I’ll add, I don’t necessarily agree with but I’ll let you, Attractive Reader, decide for yourself.

“The book presents an interesting look at a variety of important spiritual questions, and treats the religiousity—and religion—of its characters much more believably than any other comic we’ve seen (and everybody who keeps kosher will particularly appreciate the scene in the supermarket).”

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