Shane WHITE and Ted RALL will please you for MONEY.

It’s true, we’ll both take you on.

Our books THINGS UNDONE which is garnering steady praise and Ted’s THE YEAR OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY will rock your socks at this weekends ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO in San Francisco.thingsundonecovsmall

We’ll be there all weekend to serve you the finest selection of the latest graphic novels from NBM Publishing. Do yourself a favor, don’t let the nice weather fool you come by and check us out at booth #328.

You’ll be so happy you won’t even be able walk.


2 thoughts on “Shane WHITE and Ted RALL will please you for MONEY.”

  1. Shane, you found me at APE! So that made one person. But best of all I made it over to your table and bought your books. Things Undone blew me away. (Both books did actually.) I knew you were a first rate comic book talent and now you have the books to prove it! (OK, you had other books in the past that also proves it.) I just posted a review of Things Undone on my Small Press Newsroom blog here: I must spead the word on this book from the rooftops (and the internet.). I’ll be posting the video interview of you at APE that I shot next week and send you a link. Everyone should have this book! (All of your books.)


    1. Glad to hear it and that video interview could be very interesting, we might want to post it on Shane’s page and maybe even elsewhere as a bit of book trailer as it were, if you’re ok with that?


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