Darling of the blogs

Little Nothings continues to get raves from prominent reviewers:

“While Trondheim’s own nonchalance is likely as deceptive as his seemingly simplistic artwork, there’s something to be gained in even the most cursory reading of the worked contained herein. It’s funny, it’s charming as hell, and it’s almost painfully relatable. And best of all, it’s not work.”

Brian Heater, The Daily Crosshatch

But then you get:

Little Nothings is about a unnamed character, an adult male anthromorphic bird who appears to be a husband, father and comic writer, although it is never really spelled out in the graphic novel itself.
This felt like there should be more punch to this to make it a bit more interesting or compelling to read. As it is, it was nice to read, but there isn’t much of a “hook” to get me to read beyond this particular volume. The blurb on the back of the book is true: “A Book with a Whole Lotta Not Much.”

Still, the not much is sorta okay.”

Sequential Tart

Guess she needed a back cover blurb…

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