The Broadcast writing contest

Writer Eric Hobbs is putting on a writing contest around the theme of the forthcoming The Broadcast graphic novel announced for August and presently being solicited. Here’s his release on this fun challenge:

In 1938, Orson Welles used fake news bulletins to convince more than one million Americans the Earth was being invaded by visitors from the planet Mars. Most were outraged when Welles eventually stepped out of character and revealed the elaborate ruse, but everyone was relieved.

Almost everyone, that is.


Coming from NBM and already named one of the “hottest graphic novels of summer” by, THE BROADCAST is about a rural Indiana town that loses power halfway through the infamous radio play having never learned the so-called attack is a hoax. Fearing the worst is upon them, four diverse families band together in an effort to make it through the night. But tensions build, as differences surface, and it isn’t long before everyone involved realizes they have as much to fear from each other as they do the “alien invasion” heading their way.

In anticipation of the book’s release, writer Eric Hobbs and Harvey-nominated artist Noel Tuazon are launching the “Your Broadcast” Writing Contest where one winning writer will receive a signed copy of THE BROADCAST along with an original piece of art based on their story.

“I’ve always been fascinated by that night,” Hobbs explained. “Not only by the stuff that happened with Orson… but by the events that took place all across the country. There are thousands of true stories but an endless number of stories writers can tell.”

Interested writers are asked to submit short stories that take place on the night of Welles’ infamous WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast. Hobbs will read the entries, and Tuazon will create an 11X17 sketch that serves as a depiction of the winning story.

“Noel’s work is perfect for a project like this,” Hobbs continued. “Forget the signed book. Someone’s going to get a beautiful piece of art for their wall by one of comic’s most unique talents.”

Stories should be sent as attachments to Entries should be no longer than 2500 words and must be received by August 30, 2010

THE BROADCAST is available in the June issue of PREVIEWS (page 301) and can be pre-ordered using order code JUN10 1062. Visit for an exclusive 21-page preview of the project.

Eric Hobbs previously wrote the underground mini-series, AWAKENINGS, set to be collected this winter from Arcana. Noel Tuazon work on ELK’S RUN was nominated for the Harvey Award. His most recent work, TUMOR, debuted exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle before being collected by Archaia.

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