Mr. Easter and On Odd Hours reviewed

In a round-up that appeared on Sunday, The Miami Herald praised two of our books (out of a total of 6 only): “A Home for Mr. Easter” and “On the Odd Hours“. For Mr. Easter, by Brooke A. Allen, an exciting new talent, reviewer Richard Pachter said:

“Astonishingly, Allen is still a student at Savannah College of Art’s comic art department. But her moving, memorable and rollicking tale of outcast, oversized schoolgirl Tesana, her magical bunny and cast of outrageous but true-to-life characters and situations is one of the best things I’ve read in years — and I generally abhor funny-animal stories, Carl Barks notwithstanding. Allen is a major talent, and this amazing debut portends a great career in illustrated storytelling for the ages.”
And on our latest in the Louvre series On the Odd Hours by Eric Liberge:
“A great story of a hearing-impaired young man trying to find his way. Friends and lovers try to help but won’t listen to him — nor he to them. But a secret overnight guide to the fabled museum chooses him as an unlikely successor. Mona Lisa winks at him, changing and saving his life.”

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