Two views on The Broadcast

“Hobbs’ brilliant, character-driven script weaves a tight psychological thriller that at once feels both intimate and epic. Although, on the surface, Tuazon’s raw, cartoony style may seem like a mismatch for Hobbs’ tight, sophisticated script, the contrast in artistic sensibilities only underscores the intense emotions lurking beneath the plot’s surface. Tuazon’s use of ink washes and inspired panel construction lends an air of atmospheric claustrophobia that truly helps the book achieve its distinct feeling of epic intimacy. Having experienced his art, it’s hard to imagine a “cleaner” artist achieving Tuazon’s depth of atmosphere and expressiveness within the confines of Hobbs’ plot.

A deceptively simple, exquisitely crafted OGN, The Broadcast is a tightly scripted, beautifully rendered self-contained tale, that doesn’t require prior knowledge of the characters and setting to be carried away by the story. Hobbs and Tuazon have realized in their efforts a shining example that sometimes less is more – even when there’s more lurking beneath the surface of the story than meets the eye.”

Broken Frontier

Not everyone agrees on Tuazon’s art, alas Booklist says:

“Writer Hobbs has a sure hand with characterization and adroitly sustains the suspense. Unfortunately, his story is not well served by Tuazon’s artwork. While his layouts propel the narrative effectively, the actual illustrations more resemble sketches than finished drawings and the lack of clarity often makes it difficult to distinguish between characters or follow the action, which diminishes the impact of what is otherwise a taut, socially conscious parable.”

One might get that first impression, but in fact, as Broken Frontier so expressively expains, Tuazon’s art, which may need some getting used to, fits, in that its very sketchiness adds to the confusion and immediacy, a little like a hand held camera on a running camera-man makes the experience all the more unsettling…

We agree to disagree, Booklist!

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