Harvey Awards ballots due

… On fthe 28th and we’d like to remind you, if you’re an artist or professional who can vote for the Harvey Awards or the Eisners later when their noms come up, as to the great stuff we’ve brought out last year:

The Axe-Man of New Orleans, Rick Geary

Boneyard vol.7, Richard Moore

The Broadcast, Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon

Dungeon Monsters 3 by Joann Sfar & Lewis Trondheim art by Carlos Nine and Patrice Killoffer, Dungeon Twilight 3 art by Kerascoet and Obion

Elephant Man, Greg Houston

A Home for Mr. Easter, Brooke Allen

Little Nothings 3, Lewis Trondheim

Miss Don’t Touch Me 2, Hubert, Kerascoet

Networked: Carabella on the Run, Mark Badger and Gerard Jones

On the Odd Hours, Eric Liberge

Salvatore vol.1, Nicolas De Crecy

The Story of Lee, Sean Michael Wilson, Chie Kutsuwada

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