Geary’s Sacco & Vanzetti: special very limited edition available in advance only.

Rick Geary’s next volume in his increasingly popular Treasury of Murder series, about the famous controversial case of Sacco & Vanzetti, has a very limited special edition being made available to order now, only in advance and only online and by mail!

Limited and numbered to advance demand, this edition will be specially bound in real cloth and include an original plate signed and numbered by Rick Geary, with a silver-stamped jacket, the book can also be signed to a specific person upon request: $50.

Only a few dozen will be made! Sure to be not only a beautiful version to well, treasure, it will also be a collector’s item in no time. Rick Geary’s exquisite work deserves no less than this trophy presentation, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Go here to order online or you can call 800 886 1223 M-F 9-5.

In a few weeks no further orders will be accepted as we go into production. So if you’re interested, please act now. We are not making this available in stores or Amazon, only directly through us.


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