NBM to be distributed by IPG

Independent Publishers Group

Well, by now you may have seen the news elsewhere: we have signed with Independent Publishers Group (IPG) to do our distribution to general bookstores, libraries, Amazon, etc…

IPG may not have the biggest public face in the biz but they are highly regarded in the book industry as a steady well run organization. We’re quite excited about partnering with them, not only for the better reach they will bring to our books but also for their sophisticated warehouse and fulfilling which will mean better service all around!

See our full release.

We will continue to sell directly to the comics market from Diamond to Haven, to choice comics stores across the country through our rep Tony Shenton, there too with better service! Ditto for the adult accounts we’ve sold Eurotica into. IPG will take over our worldwide distribution and especially Canada where we lost HB Fenn to bankruptcy recently. Turnaround continues to serve the UK for us.

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