The countdown to the San Diego Comic Con is on, and there we’ll be releasing the latest volume of Rick Geary’s Treasury of XXth Century Murder, THE LIVES OF SACCO & VANZETTI. Welcome to Part 2 of our chat with Rick.  If you missed Part 1, check it out HERE.


Do you feel that True Crime has become too exploitive as tabloid journalism has become more prevalent?

Tabloid journalism seems more prevalent today because there are ever more outlets for it, in print, on TV or online.  But the murders of the 19th and early 20th centuries lacked nothing in their exploitation by an scurrilous, scandal-obsessed and sensation-seeking press corps.

Is there any interest to go further into the 20th century and examine True Crime stories such as the Kennedy or Martin Luther King assassination or the OJ Simpson murders?

I would love someday to tackle the JFK killing or the OJ case or the Jon-Benet Ramsey case, but at present they are too recent and still have too much heat surrounding them.  I would need for a few more decades to pass in order to treat a subject with the sort of ironic detachment that I try for.

What drew you to the Sacco and Venzitti story?

I’m always drawn to the cases that still have major questions or controversies clinging to them.  In addition, the Sacco & Vanzetti story was a major Cause Celebre of the early 20th century that is largely forgotten today.   I felt that the story had a political content that I hadn’t treated any any of my previous books.

What kind of research did you do for this story?  Do you go to the actual locations (like South Braintree, Massachusetts), or do you rely on books and the internet?

My research for this story consisted of reading as many books and articles on the case as I could find.  It’s usually helpful to visit the actual scene of the crime, if only to soak in the atmosphere, as I’ve done with several of the murders I’ve written about.  But in this case, the original street and buildings in South Braintree have been long-ago demolished and the area is now unrecognizable.


Come back next Wednesday and read part 3 of our interview with Rick and see some exclusive production artwork!

We also have a special very, very limited edition being made available ONLY THROUGH US online or by mail of this volume with a special bind, a tip in sheet of art specially done by Rick for this and numbered and signed by him.

HURRY! Only 25 copies are being made available. This will not be in stores!

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