Capt. Comics on Geary’s Sacco: “One of his best!”

The New York Journal of Books on Geary’s Sacco & Vanzetti:

“Mr. Geary is the sort of historian we all wanted to have in school or college: a teacher who makes history interesting and compelling. Thankfully now, we have him in graphic novel form. He is the supreme practitioner of the craft and genre today, and The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti is as impressive as anything he has done. A fitting book for any educational institution wishing to get pupils interested in history and to prove that history is anything but boring and unexciting.”

And there are two interviews of  out there:

on Comics Bulletin

and on The Faster Times.

And Andrew ‘Captain Comics’ Smith at Scripps-Howard News service says:

“Brought to vivid, black-and-white life by Geary’s “The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti” part of Geary’s “Treasury of XXth Century Murder” series. I’ve raved about Geary’s work before — not only his appropriately old-fashioned, woodcut-style, pen-and-ink artwork, but also his painstaking research and objectivity. This book is one of his best, a riveting and thorough documentary that leaves readers fully informed of all the evidence, pro and con, as if they were on a jury in a trial more just than the real one.”

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