SPX: our schedule

For the SPX Expo this weekend, come and meet us at tables G7-8. Here’s our schedule of artists appearing at our booth:

BROOKE A. ALLEN (A Home for Mr. Easter) will be at our booth throughout much of the show.

TED RALL (To Afghanistan & Back) is a bit tentative at this point in that he just returned from vacation finding Irene made quite a mess in his backyard, nothing major, but… if he can come, he’ll be appearing Saturday from 4-6, Sunday noon to 2.

RICK PARKER (with our sister co. Papercutz: Tales from the Crypt: Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid, Slices: Harry Potty and Breaking Down) Saturday noon to 2, Sunday 2 to 4.

JESSE LONERGAN (Flower & Fade, Joe & Azat): Saturday 2 to 3, Sunday 4 to 5.

And don’t forget we’re premiering the bestselling Japanese manga Stargazing Dog and Ernie Colon’s Inner Sanctum with signed sketches by him. See more.

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