Trailers up on Comixology

Comixology NBM news: the wonderful GN Trailers executed by Mark Kneece and Julie Collins-Rousseau, both on the faculty of the Savannah College of Art & Design, is now available on Comixology for $7.99!

And by the way, we haven’t mentioned this before much here but Comixology has the complete Boneyard saga up, Some Treasury of Murder books, a long free preview of Kinky & Cosy (full book up soon!), Bluesman, A Home for Mr. Easter, The Big Kahn and Joe & Azat.

All of these come with 10 page free previews you can pre-vision first before buying and all are priced at about 70% of the paperback versions!

As you’ll see when you go there, it’s starting to become a pretty good library of our books available.

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