Stargazing Dog back to press!

Within 2 months of its release, we are back to press with Stargazing Dog and taking the occasion to correct a couple typos some reviewers have given us maybe a bit too much grief over. Fact is we worked quite heavily on this book, a first for us with manga so it was a learning curve we had to go up.

At first we were going to do the book in the original Japanese reading direction, by the way, but because the theme of this is all audiences, not just manga fan oriented, we were advised and indeed had to agree that reverting it to our more standard direction would be wiser. That meant a last minute effort to make everything right, as best as possible, unfortunately we did miss a couple elements.

Rectified now!

And if this is important for you, we’re happy to replace your copy with the new one if you care to write us and send the copy back, well packed, please, so it won’t get damaged.

The reprint is shipping within the next week…

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