…and thanks to Verizon’s obnoxious incompetence…

…we have still no internet and even phone lines! They were supposed to come days before our move to install both and failed to do so.
What did they do to make up for it? Put us back in the queue as if we were a new order! Another 2-3 week wait!!!
And I haven’t even started… we have been fighting this every day to little avail.
Hopefully by the end of this week we should have all this up and running but God knows.
Meantime it’s a been a wangling of using a cellphone hotspot and Starbucks and routing calls to our cellphones!
It’s enough to turn you into THE HULK.
We’ve been hearing a lot of Verizon horror stories like this. Anybody else experience this?

3 thoughts on “…and thanks to Verizon’s obnoxious incompetence…”

  1. That is very annoying. The key thing that the capitalist system is supposed to be good at is providing services and goods easily, with consumer power and choice, etc. So, how is that when we actually try to get some of these they very often turn out to be such poor quality!


  2. Verizon has NOTORIOUSLY bad customer service. Really just horrible but as a BUSINESS customer you folks should be going BALLISTIC on them. You should see if you can get Lightpath service in your area of Manhattan – their small business stuff has gotten really good. Hope you guys are back up soon as I have an email I want to send Jim Salicrup!

    Congrats on the Eisner Nominations!


  3. We did but it didn’t do much good. Now they missed their 2nd appointment Thursday! We have internet now but still no phone lines! Never seen anything like it.
    Thanks on the congrats. It was unexpected and nice to see Bubbles & Gondola and Kinky & Cosy get their due.


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