Visiting The Center for Cartoon Studies

Last week, I was invited to be part of this center’s Industry Day, along with Gary Groth and Judy Hansen amongst others. They’re up in bucolic Vermont, a far cry from the hectic NYC pace and a nice breather. A long picturesque ride on the train and they’re in what was a train boom town, White River Junction. Obviously it’s suffered with the decline of rail but it’s coming back and the Center has some to do with that but it also still retains a lot of the old time charm. Staying at the Coolidge Hotel was a gas(lamp) [sorry, couldn’t resist], a little like the Horton Grand in San Diego, all classic of a century ago but this one more rustic.
We engaged in a lively conversation of where the industry is, poured tons of cold shower onto the poor students there but when it came to portfolio review, I was generally impressed. Told a few we’d like to publish ’em! It is amazing, despite such low odds and bad money for most, how much great talent just really really wants to be in this medium.
Also the school is at a human size with 40-50 students and a great faculty roster. Besides founder James Sturm, Steve Bissette, Jason Lutes and others teach there. Impressive.
Great to be away from the ever devouring Big Apple and go see what the latest aspiring generation is up to.

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