Don’t miss the all-about Peyo book in stores now!

Today, better comics bookstores will have available “PEYO, the Life and Work of a Marvelous Storyteller”, a beautiful artbook featuring the creator of the Smurfs’ artwork over the decades of his career, imported directly from France. NOTE! this is a very limited import not available elsewhere, including Amazon.

It’s in English as well as French and chock full of comics pages, directly shot from his originals, sketches, pencils, etc. It covers not only the creation and evolution of the Smurfs but also his Johann and Peewit series where the Smurfs first appeared, Benoit Brisefer, a little kid with a beret and superhero like strength -as long as he doesn’t have a cold- and the wonderful cat strip “Poussy’.

It’s 250 pages full of discovery on one of Europe’s best and most talented artists and was done with the close cooperation of Peyo’s family for an exhibit of his originals in Europe as the movie came out . This means it’s also full of photos of Pierre Culliford (Peyo) with colleagues, family, celebrities…

Hey, it’s a wonderful souvenir book that’ll bring you close to Peyo.

If your comics bookstore doesn’t have it, they can order it from Diamond or you can order from us right here.

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