NBM in August: Liberatore is back!

EUROTICA takes center stage this month, as solicited for in comics bookstores, as we bring the great Italian artist LIBERATORE back with an amazing art book:

 The Italian artist of the controversial RanXerox comic series which shook the world of comics in the eighties presents women in-your-face proud of their feminity. Women in all their physical glory but without the softness or subservience. This explores limits without shame or fear and is occasionally pornographic, bizarre, or even disturbing. Includes chapters entitled “Desire”, “Pulse” with stark black & white illustrations, “Embraces” with a fearless abandonment to sheer lust, “Chiaroscuro”, “Intimacies” with never before seen angles on the nude figure, “Flesh” with soft beautiful aquarelles. This book challenges and does not leave indifferent.
9×12, 168pp., full color clothbound: $39.99, ISBN 9781561637133

See Previews. (must be over 18)

Outside of Eurotica, this month, NBM has two new sets of books to catch up on some of our awesome series and authors:


Dungeon, The Early Years set
Banding together the two volumes of this branch of the vast history of Dungeon, a tongue-in-cheek epic by two grand masters of the new comics generation, The Early Years relates the origins. From leaving home a lad full of enterprise to becoming the Night Shirt, a misguided vigilante, to his initiation to the very dark realities of governing, we follow the Dungeon Keeper on his dramatic dangerous path to power.
6 ½ x 9, 192pp., banded set of two books, full color trade pbs., $24.99,
ISBN 9781561636990

See previews.

Jewish in America, set of graphic novels by Neil Kleid
Art by Jake Allen and Nicholas Cinquegrani
Rising star and award-winning comics writer Neil Kleid explores two aspects of being Jewish in America in this banded set of his two highly praised graphic novels: Brownsville and The Big Kahn. Brownsville presents factually the rise and fall of ‘Murder, Inc.’, a group of assassin for hire Jews in the mob in the twenties. The Big Kahn, with its Rabbi who turns out to have never been Jewish, explores the very nature of faith.
Specially priced!
6×9, 390pp., banded set of two B&W trade pbs., $24.99, ISBN 9781561637003

See previews (Big Khan) and for Brownsville.

And look out for the following from PAPERCUTZ:

Ninjago #4 our bestselling series, this one with a 425,000 copy print run! and from Classics Illustrated #16: “Kidnapped” a Robert Louis Stevenson novel adapted by Mike Vosburg.


2 thoughts on “NBM in August: Liberatore is back!”

  1. I probably missed it, but… what happened to “Socrates the Half-Dog”? It was scheduled for May 2011 and it seems to be abandoned. Why is that? Is there a chance it’ll be published some time later?


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