NBM in September: the return of Dillies

Ack! We’re very late with this as Previews for October is already in stores today but we do have a very special book scheduled for September, in case you weren’t already aware, the next graphic novel by Dillies of Bubbles & Gondola that got 2 Eisner noms:

Renaud Dillies, art, Régis Hautière, story
The charm of Renaud Dillies strikes again: after the mouse of Bubbles and Gondola, here is another dreamer, little chick Abelard. To lure pretty Epily, Abelard sees only one solution: to catch the moon for her! So off he goes to America, the country which invented flying machines. Armed with his banjo and his proverb-sharing hat, he launches out on the country roads, meets Gypsies, then Gaston, a grumpy bear with whom he will share a good bit of his way… As opposed to dreamer Abelard, Gaston has his feet firmly planted on the ground. With this funny animal road-movie where the absurd becomes poetry, Régis Hautière and Renaud Dillies offer us another small jewel.
8 ½ x 11, 128pp., full color hardcover, $19.99, ISBN 9781561637010

see previews and more on his Bubbles & Gondola

and from Eurotica:

Barbarian Chicks & Demons, Vol.5
The exploits of Barbarian warrior women in an Heroic Fantasy world continue. Cunning and lasciviousness galore with often a tongue firmly in cheek on these beautifully painted stories set to amuse and arouse!
8 ½ x 11, 48pp., full color trade pb., $11.99
ISBN 9781561637140


As for our sister co. Papercutz, there’s quite a list from the second Power Rangers all-new comics, also the second all-new 3 Stooges GN, the next Classics Illustrated Deluxe “Scrooge”, a new Garfield to a slew of boxed sets with the Smurfs, Garfield, Disney Fairies, and Geronimo Stilton.

MAKE SURE TO PUT IN YOUR ORDER before it’s too late! Or you can always order from us.

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