Dead Lovers, Revolutionaries, Lofty Thoughts and a Happy Prince

There’s nothing nicer than reading great reviews for the fantastic books that we publish.  With recently released work by Rick Geary, Stan Mack, Margreet de Heer and P. Craig Russell, there’s plenty to read; and if our esteemed critics are right (and of course they are), there’s plenty of good things to say about our latest titles.

“Exquisitely rendered in his unmistakable, eye-catching style, Lovers’ Lane is a testament to Geary’s ascension to the top of his craft and infallible evidence of the infinite potential of the graphic narrative to tell all kinds of stories. Achieving an exquisite balance between investigative journalism and comic book mystery, Geary has once again blended words and pictures in ways that continue to stretch the boundaries of the medium.”

Broken Frontier

From Rick Geary’s Lover’s Lane: The Hall-Mills Mystery

‘There’s an amazing sense of reality to these characters, and that power is paradoxically conveyed by Geary’s eccentric art style, where all characters seem to look the reader in the eye, and all the stuff and bother of the scene settings are vivid and evocative of the era that is portrayed. Charlotte Mills, the daughter of one of the victims, is made vivid and memorable through just a few pen strokes that bring her methodically to life.”

Comics Bulletin

Lover’s Lane is the perfect entry point to the Treasury of XXth Century Murder series. It is a great blend of interesting circumstances, solid storytelling, and quality art. It is difficult to ask for more!”

Stumptown Trade Review

“It’s always a morbid pleasure to read another Rick Geary tale of unsolved murder. His true-life story retellings are involving and frustrating — because even now, almost a hundred years later, we still don’t know exactly what happened and who to blame. Lovers’ Lane: The Hall-Mills Mystery is the perfect story for our uncertain times, one involving illicit romance, death, finger-pointing, sex leading to scandal, and no solid answers to stand on. We’ll never know the truth, and we have to live with that uncertainty.”

Comics Worth Reading

“Rick Geary’s latest “Treasury Of XXth Century Murder,” Lovers’ Lane: The Hall-Mills Mystery, which continues one of the most impressive winning streaks in the medium.”

–  Onion AV Club

“Geary is devoted to careful laying out of the facts, packing his books with maps and diagrams, and he never makes a judgment on whether or not someone is actually guilty.”

Paste Magazine


From Stan Mack’s Taxes, The Tea Party, and Those Revolting Rebels

“Mack continually uses the two-dimensional space of the comics page to help tell his story effectively…Mack’s style is loose and spontaneous, open and seemingly almost improvised — there are times when you can see his under-drawing lines — but that style of approach is tremendously effective at giving the story its sense of urgency and excitement, a feeling of events hurtling one upon the other as the American Revolution becomes more and more inevitable.”

Comics Bulletin

“A great effort to entertain and educate people about the American Revolution in a clear, humourous way.”

Sequential Tart


From Philosophy: A Discovery In Comics by Margreet de Heer

“One of de Heer’s great strengths is bringing the lofty concepts down to autobiographical moments, relating how the observations of Socrates, Plato and others have a direct context in anyone’s daily existence…It’s a smart and giving book that should be required reading for anyone — a sweet and amusing manual of how to navigate human beings and use your own brain while doing it.”

North Adams Transcript

“This is a perfect intro to the complex and weighty topic of philosophy — Margreet de Heer delivers a surprisingly fun and really intriguing look into an area in life that many of us consider occasionally but end up taking for granted.”

Comics Bulletin

“De Heer knows her stuff and possesses a charming style.”

Publishers Weekly

“An accessible and fun primer on a topic that too often is considered to be musty and shrouded in academic argot.”

School Library Journal

“From the very first page and throughout this beautifully illustrated book de Herr takes full advantage of the boundless originality found in the graphic novel format…She encapsulates the major ideas of Western thought into a simple and honest narrative.”

New York Journal of Books


The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol.5: The Happy Prince by P. Craig Russell

“Russell’s impeccable graphic art brings new dimension to Wilde’s tale of social inequality, sacrifice, and devotion.  A lovely adaptation.”

a– School Library Journal

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