Teachers’ Guide is up for Stan Mack’s book on the American Revolution

Teachers! We now have up an in-depth Teachers’ Guide to Stan Mack’s Taxes, The Tea Pary, and Those Revolting Rebels, A Comics History of the American Revolution.
It’s the work of Stan Brimberg, on the faculty and a teacher at the famous Bank St.  College School for Children. Brimberg has been a champion of this book ever since it came out fifteen years ago, seeing its positive effect on his students in his class:

“I love the book because students with a range of skills can access the ideas and information in it. I hope this Teacher’s Guide, which grows out of my own teaching experiences, will provide you with lots of material to pick and choose from.”

Remarkably, going beyond assignments or vocabulary, Brimberg also uses the medium of comics in fun exercises bringing dimensions to book study that only a graphic novel can.

Thanks to Stan Mack’s graphic novel and now Brimberg’s guide to it, you can bring the American Revolution to life and make it ‘real’ for your kids in the classroom.

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