Our status after Sandy

As of now, we cannot get to our office and wouldn’t be able to do anything there anyway as the power is still out, even the phones are not working. Our building is one block from the World Trade Center. As far as  we can tell, Broadway is probably the highest point of that lower part of Manhattan so it is highly unlikely any flooding happened at the building. However, that Con Ed plant explosion you see on the news? That may be where our power comes from… in which case it may be days.

This goes for both NBM and Papercutz. You can reach us by e-mail but it’s very dicey as to us being able to even access that and respond for a while.

4 thoughts on “Our status after Sandy”

  1. Thanks everyone. Most of us are fine but some, especially in New Jersey which was devastated by this, are without power AND heat. God knows how long for them to get back to normal…


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