Growing up with Brubeck

Dave Brubeck just passed away. I grew up with his music. My Dad had that popular album including his offbeat waltzy Take Five. Simple genius that, and same for many other pieces he composed. I heard them often from a tender age all the way into my teens when it primed me for such heavier discoveries of the day (the 70’s) as The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report or Return To Forever. All experimented heavily with exotic time signatures just as Brubeck loved to do.
Besides my fascination for comics and what I saw as its still mostly untapped potential at the time, another devotion I had was to jazz and those crazy time signatures were one heck of a lot of fun to unlock as a drummer.
Brubeck expanded the art of Jazz and music AND was able to sell a lot of albums to a lot of people.
You gotta respect that.

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