NBM Review Round-Up!

We’re counting down the shopping days and we’ve had several of our titles show up in gift guides from The Comics Reporter and Forces of Geek, so we’re even more happy to share some great reviews that might also serve as holiday gift ideas.

Be sure to check out our site proper where you can order any of our titles.  After the jump, check out what reviewers are saying about several of our titles.

Le Donne (Warning: Adults Only)


“An intriguing – and provocative – collection of Liberatore’s work.”

Comics Waiting Room

“While the book is filled with his art and contains no narration or anything to place the work in a broader context, this isn’t just pin up art. Without narration, the diffuse themes that run through the book create a mélange of differing outlooks from threatening to soft and submissive. Sections of the work are broken down by themes such as Desire, Flesh, Intimacies, Chiaroscuro, and others.”

New York Journal of Books

You will find it hard to look away.

Jazma Online


Taxes, The Tea Party and Those Revolting Rebels


“Mack’s history is a vital and entertaining one. It captures Americans as radicals and wild cards and assures that rebellion is in our blood, even if it must be against each other.”

North Adams Transcript




“Abelard is a magnificently well-told story… It’s truly a fantastic graphic novel that’s perfect for people who aren’t normally comic book fans.”

Panels on Pages

“…Starts out feeling like a sweet, whimsical pastoral children’s graphic novel and slowly morphs into a wonderfully moving adult story that kind of sneaks up on you with its craft, intelligence and interesting themes.”

Comics Bulletin


Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Volume 5: The Happy Prince


“A rich take on Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale…a wonderful book.”

Portland Book Review



A Treasury of XXth Century Murder: The Lindbergh Child


“Most certainly the greatest graphic novel I’ve ever read…I don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t understand, or appreciate, the genius that this book is.”

Let Us Be Great


Rohan at the Louvre


“Like the best ghost stories it depends on a lot of foreshadowing to pump up the monster, and then the monster delivers…It hearkens back to when campers gathered around fires to scare each other. This is a book you will want to read to a kid just to see him jump.”

Portland Book Review

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