‘BETTY BLUES’ – “a powerhouse piece of work”

Our most recent release of Renaud Dilles’ work, Betty Blues, is garnering some very positive reviews.

The Quietus, in a rare interview, took some time to speak with Mr. Dilles about his work including Betty Blues, Abelard and Bubbles & Gondola.

Check out the interview HERE, and after the jump read what some of the critics are saying,

“Dillies’ style is both fluid and scratchy, as characters, thoughts, and emotions seem to etch their existence onto the watery course of life…Dillies conjures up levels of sadness with ease, but never without humour, love, and the other currents that give life meaning, summed up in the words ‘despite heartbreak, life remains so beautiful’.”

The Quietus

“Translated from French, NBM has managed to retain the dark noir dialogue that plays so pitch perfect with lush shadowy scenes of smoke filled jazz clubs, fanciful penthouses, and moonlit rivers…”

New York Journal of Books

Betty Blues is a powerhouse piece of work, a rich, textured, emotionally wrenching journey that challenges the reader at every turn…I was captivated by Betty Blues from beginning to end, even knowing that it would likely break my heart by the time it was over, because Dillies knows how to create characters you can truly become invested in as a reader, and he never takes cheap shortcuts or the easy way out in describing their plight.”

Comics Waiting Room

“A well-done comic in story and art.”

Sequential Tart

And No Flying No Tights also took a look at Dilles previous book, Abelard.

“A beautifully illustrated and written story…Beautiful. Just beautiful.”

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