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We are finishing up the translation of Lulu Anew by Etienne Davodeau and I have to say, it is a gripping book. As the pages pass by my desk, this familial drama unfolds and I can’t wait to find out what happens! It’s a mystery, a romance, a tale of empowerment and weakness all rolled into one. Our NBM omnibus will collect both volumes of the French work. I just finished looking over Volume 1 and it reminds me a bit of Kate Chopin’s classic novel “The Awakening” mixed with a bit of “Death of a Salesman” or a Tennessee Williams play.

Comparing our translation to the original French is interesting as you get a feel for their writing style and how they fill the word balloons.  We decide minute details as to whether a person uses “huh”, “eh”, or “right” to validate their question and if a 16 year old girl would chose this word over that. But still, I get carried away in the story.

Lulu Anew translation
Click to view in a larger size

The story is told during a gathering of friends and family of Lulu, a mother and wife who decided to leave her life behind, if only for a few days. There is tragedy and triumph in how the family (and close friends) cope and grieve and deal with Lulu’s need for a break.  In France, the graphic novel, which sold 200,000 copies, even inspired a major motion picture. Lulu femme nue, with Karin Viard in the title role, was released early this year.


Lulu Anew will be out in March. We will keep you updated when new information becomes available. For now, check out the preview pages here.

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