Review Round-Up: Pascal Rabaté’s STREET VIEW


A visually incomparable treat and a brilliant homage to Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Street View is an unusual accordion book which opens in two directions, one direction providing a look at a street scene as it evolves during the day and the other, a parallel view of the same street at night.

Street View is a radical departure from the narrative form. First, there are no words. Second, it has an unusual format. Pages are bound between two hard covers with no spine. A series of connected foldouts delivers a continuous visual story in 20 scenes…Pascal Rabate’ has transformed our reading experience into a treasure hunt.”

NY Journal of Books

“What’s interesting is the play with time. You get to see what happens on the street and characters as time passes from morning to the evening and nighttime. Ten scenes happen from the morning and ten at night. You can follow the activity in each apartment, or follow what a character is doing. There are mundane moments like a lady who watches TV all day, and more cheeky moments between couples…an interesting comic worth checking out.”

Parka Blogs

“A fascinating art object, a creative take on storytelling that uses format to drive the reader’s attention. It’s an accordion book, a set of painted double-page spreads between two cardboard boards that can be read through one way, showing daytime scenes, and then flipped over to see the evenings. Each sheds new light on the others…Street View is Where’s Waldo? for adults, a fascinating puzzle that rewards the attention paid to it.”

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