GIRL IN DIOR Reviews Arrive in Style


Annie Goetzinger’s Girl in Dior is one of the most beautiful books of the year and it’s first English translation seems to be resonating well with critics.

“This is for fans of beauty and refinement, both in comics and in clothing, an indulgent present for those who love fashion and the female form…It’s lovely to see a subject often derisively dismissed as “feminine” being treated with such love and respect. A guilty pleasure? No guilt required!”

Publisher’s Weekly

“The book is stunningly beautiful. Goetzinger has a real talent for drawing clothing, using a delicate ink line and watercolor washes to give a sense of the weight, texture, and feel of the fabric. The dresses flow and swirl across the page as the models put them on and show them off; reading this is like having a front seat at a runway show…In the end, the marriage of form and function is perfect… Like the women within its pages, this is a book with both beauty and substance.”

Robot 6

“For someone who never gave a comic book a second glance, this little treasure has made me rethink the value of this type of reading material…The bottom line is simply this: if you are looking for an alternate way of reading about fashion then you better rush out and get yourself a copy. If you want a very insightful and historically accurate way of learning about this man and the world he inhabited, then get thee to Amazon or a book store if you can still find one. Lastly, if you want to get lost in fashion or introduce someone to fashion, this is surely a good way to do it.”

NY Journal of Books

“In sweeping tableaux and panels, she (Goetzinger) deftly captures the movement and drape of fabric with a line that’s a more sensual take on the traditional Franco-Belgian comics style of her contemporaries…In any language, it make readers nostalgic for the elegance and artistry of a bygone fashion scene.”

The Globe and Mail

“Goetzinger’s art and narrative cleverly weave a biography, delivered by a narrator whose naiveté rivals our own at the start of this book. Lovingly illustrated — and even more lovingly constructed — the narrative expresses the importance of Christian Dior and why he deserves to be well-remembered.”

Graphic Novel Reporter

“…A totally unpretentious comic, light and frothy. Yet it shows why Dior himself valued fashion. “In a time of machines,” he said, “couture is a final refuge for the human, the personal – and the incomparable.”

Mucha Creative

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