FREE Comics Anthology – available for limited time!

Next weekend is TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and I’ll be there! It looks to be more than exciting, with hundreds of artists and dozens of events. If you can be there – come!

And if you can’t be there, here’s a consolation prize: Sequential commissioned a special TCAF Comics Anthology, and I’m one of the people they asked to contribute to it.


If you have an iPad, you can download it for FREE through the Sequential app, just click here – and you’ll be able to read the full context of this panel:


Not convinced yet? Wait till you hear the names of the other artists in there: Barbara Stok, Hunt Emerson, Noah Van Sciver, Kristyna Baczynski, Simon Moreton, Joe Decie and Elaine M. Will!

The anthology can only be downloaded during TCAF, so get it before it ends on May 11!

Author: Margreet de Heer

Dutch graphic novelist, known for her educational series 'A Discovery in Comics', featuring 'Philosophy', 'Science', 'Religion' and 'Love', as well as a comic about world domination. Margreet lives and works in Amsterdam with her artistic husband Yiri and two cats. In 2017, Margreet was voted Comic Artist Laureate of The Netherlands, an ambassadorship of Dutch comics which she holds for the period of three years.

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