NBM for July- Zombillenium is open for the season

Everyone’s favorite horror themed park is back! Fans have been waiting for the release of the next edition of Zombillenium, by Arthur de Pins, since last year’s Volume 2 “Human Resources”. Volume 3: “Control Freaks” will be released in July. The park is turned upside down as a new CEO is inserted into power – and there will be Hell to pay! Will the employees – witches, demons, ghosts, zombies, mummies and more- ever be able to work in peace?


Zombillenium 3 cover
Zombillenium 3 cover

Control Freaks
Arthur de Pins

There’s excitement in the Zombillenium horror themed park run by actual monsters. Brought in by Behemoth himself, the vampire Beauford Jaggar Carniegie III is officially supposed to help CEO Francis in managing the park. But the employees expect the worst: isn’t he known as a cold-blooded killer? If one looks more closely, the reasons for his coming may seem less anodyne than announced. Of course, his mission is to increase return on investment for the shareholders, but for Behemoth that return has to be in souls. Francis is appalled but obligated to kowtow to the almighty consultant, determined to take power and pervert the rules of Zombillenium. Meanwhile, Aurelian goes through a bad patch. Depressed by his immortal status and the absurdity of his life… sorry, his death, he’s burned out. And burnout, in a powerful demon, can be devastating. Held back in extremis by Gretchen, he avoids the worst. This is timely, because Gretchen has a plan for him… A particularly biting new episode of Zombillenium in which we discover the underbelly of the most monstrous amusement park in the world.
9×12, 48pp. full color hardcover, $14.99; ISBN 9781561639564


Diamond Order Code:  MAY151455
Be sure to order your copy today from your favorite comic book store in May’s Diamond Previews Magazine.

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