Seth Kushner 1973-2015

Yesterday I got the terrible news that Seth Kushner has died. He was a inspiring photographer, creative comic book writer, and most importantly, a very kind person. There are hundreds of beautiful tributes on this Facebook page, and elsewhere like here or here.

I met Seth and Christopher Irving when they were working on Leaping Tall Buildings, a beautiful coffee table book about comic book creators. “It’s funny, but Seth’s immortalizing all of these creators in photo form helped immortalize him in our hearts, minds, and the greater scope of comics history,” Chris writes here.

Like so many others, we went from strangers to friends. Seth was someone you could feel close to easily.

When I think of Seth, I think of the artistic legacy he leaves behind. Being a parent, I also think about his wife and son. His final Facebook post is a reminder of what is really important.

If you can, make a donation to Kushner’s family through GoFundMe to help.




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