NBM goes Digital: iFlipd ebook rentals

NBM’s ebooks are spreading to a great variety of platforms, thanks to our distributor IPG’s aggressive move into all things e-book. That means you have many diverse  options to enjoy our e-books. Here’s a RedBox type model, IFlipd:


iFlipd: A candy store for your literary sweet tooth. iFlipd offers books at $2 each per week, much in the same vein as the RedBox DVD rental model. iFlipd has thousands of selections. No matter the price of the book, all you need to pay is $2 per week, per book. No subscription needed! If you don’t like  book or finish it early, pick out a new book to use in the time remaining. So if you are a fast reader and have a week off, you could read a variety of books cover to cover and it will only cost you a grand total of $2! Visit https://iflipd.com/ to see the complete offering or download in the Apple App store today!

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