Walking Wounded, Uncut Stories from Iraq: Olivier Morel (bio)

A scholar and a filmmaker, Assistant Professor Olivier Morel (Film, Television, & Theatre, University of Notre Dame), is French and American and lives in the United States. Most of Morel’s academic work focuses on the correlation between trauma and fiction, trauma and creation. This dimension is also embodied in his cinematic work as well as his creative writing. He is the author of “Visages de la grande guerre” (Calmann-Lévy in 1998) and numerous exhibits based on this work with photographer Didier Pazery.

In 2010, Morel completed a feature-length award-winning documentary film with Zadig Productions titled “On the Bridge” (ARTE). In his graphic novel titled “Walking Wounded” (NBM 2015) initially published in France (Olivier Morel & Maël, “Revenants,” Futuropolis-France, 2013, “Die Rückkehrer” Carlsen-Germany, 2014) Morel depicts a director who is in the process of making a film about US Iraq War veterans and their struggles to remain alive when then return home.

He has published a book on Berlin as literary capital (PUV, 2014) and made a documentary film for ARTE titled “Germany Narrated by Its Writers” (2014). Morel is currently working on film projects and he is completing a web-documentary for the international TV channel TV5.

Watch “On the Bridge” on VOD.

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