Religion: a Discovery in Comics – Win a Signed Copy!

If you would like a chance to win a FREE, SIGNED COPY of Religion: a Discovery in Comics, please enter the Goodreads Giveaway:


I already received my author copy from NBM – and it looks great! You can find out for yourself in a few days, when it will debut officially at the Small Press Expo and the Brooklyn Book Festival – I’ll be there to sign it.




Author: Margreet de Heer

Dutch graphic novelist, known for her educational series 'A Discovery in Comics', featuring 'Philosophy', 'Science', 'Religion' and 'Love', as well as a comic about world domination. Margreet lives and works in Amsterdam with her artistic husband Yiri and two cats. In 2017, Margreet was voted Comic Artist Laureate of The Netherlands, an ambassadorship of Dutch comics which she holds for the period of three years.

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