“My primary care doctor has over 1,200 full-time patients…” Vince Emanuele goes to the VA

Vince Emanuele, featured in Walking Wounded, just got back from a four hour appointment at the Veterans Administration (V.A.)… he writes:

“1) My primary care doctor has over 1,200 full-time patients. You know, another one of those lazy government employees…

2) Many veterans act like assholes at the V.A. and treat employees like scum. Yet, the majority of V.A. employees are also vets…

3) According to the doctors, nurses and therapists I spoke with today, not much has changed at the V.A. over the last several years, regardless of what Obama and the rest of the bozos in office have to say.

4) Pills are still being handed out like candy — always have been, always will be. Big Pharma loves the V.A.

5) At least 95% of the vets I encounter at the V.A. are pre-9/11 vets.

6) Without the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans, tons of vets would be neglected and left untreated.

7) The folks at the Mental Health Clinic said that a lot of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have been coming in since ISIS has been in the headlines. They said that a lot of vets are asking, “Was it worth it?”

8) Two older women told me that they love the Women’s Clinic. For obvious reasons, they don’t like being constantly surrounded by male veterans…

9) There are a ton of black veterans who are not being properly serviced in Lake County. Why? Because cities like Gary are completely neglected and forgotten, not only by the federal government, but also by various veterans organizations.

10) It’s been almost ten years since I was discharged from the Marine Corps, and just now, in 2015, is it okay to badmouth the wars. As Leonard Cohen once said, “Everybody knows.” Today, everybody knows Iraq and Afghanistan were farcical and disastrous. Back in 2006, people at the V.A. used to look at me like I was nuts when I told them that I was embarrassed to be a vet. Today, they get it.”

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