More NBM in May Previews: Zombillenium-Ride or Die!

Also being solicited this month is Zombillenium, the horror spoof series by Arthur de Pins.

Zombillenium is a theme park run by all of Hell’s creatures, from a witch intern to a newly cursed demon, and all the mummies, vampires, zombie unions, and ghosts in between. Renowned French author and animator, Arthur de Pins, created this stylized world that looks straight out of a sophisticated animated film.

Currently, De Pins is working on an animated adaptation of the series.  As a preview, the French band, Skip the Use, released a  four minute animated music video featuring the Zombillenium characters. Watch here!

Take a look at the Zombillenium theme site and don’t forget to buckle your seatbelt!

Ready to sell your soul?

Zombiellennium Vol.1: Gretchen

Vol. 1: Gretchen
Arthur de Pins
Francis von Bloodt, vampire, a good family man, manages the theme park Zombillenium. They don’t just hire anyone, at Zombillenium: mere mortals need not apply, the park works only with genuine werewolves, vampires and zombies. This is what Aurelian gets to discover as, burnt out, deceived by his wife, he finally gets hired in spite of himself in this strange business. Gretchen, a plucky trainee witch, helps him get around…

9×12, 48 pp., full color hardcover, $14.99, ISBN 9781561637348


Diamond Order Code: APR131181

Zombillenium, vol.2

Vol. 2: Human Resources
Arthur De Pins
Tempers are flaring around Zombillenium, the monster amusement park run by monsters. When one hires only the dead (or witches!) in a region where unemployment is in the double digits, one must expect some friction. But things get particularly ugly when the park’s security is breached from two sides: activists and a very strange visitor, mom to two peculiar sons the head of the park seems to remember from somewhere… Gretchen and Aurelian do their best to help save a precarious explosive situation! All presented in De Pins’ trademark tongue-in-cheek jubilant black humor and stunning art.
9×12, 48pp. full color hardcover, $14.99, ISBN 9781561638505


Diamond Order Code: MAY141483


Vol. 3: Control Freaks
Arthur de Pins
There’s excitement in the Zombillenium horror themed park run by actual monsters. Brought in by Behemoth himself, the vampire Beauford Jaggar Carniegie III is officially supposed to help CEO Francis in managing the park. But the employees expect the worst: isn’t he known as a cold-blooded killer? If one looks more closely, the reasons for his coming may seem less anodyne than announced. Of course, his mission is to increase return on investment for the shareholders, but for Behemoth that return has to be in souls. Francis is appalled but obligated to kowtow to the almighty consultant, determined to take power and pervert the rules of Zombillenium. Meanwhile, Aurelian goes through a bad patch. Depressed by his immortal status and the absurdity of his life… sorry, his death, he’s burned out. And burnout, in a powerful demon, can be devastating. Held back in extremis by Gretchen, he avoids the worst. This is timely, because Gretchen has a plan for him… A particularly biting new episode of Zombillenium in which we discover the underbelly of the most monstrous amusement park in the world.
9×12, 48pp. full color hardcover, $14.99; ISBN 9781561639564


Diamond Order Code:  MAY151455


Zombillenium Vols. 1-3 are available now in stores everywhere. To order, visit your local comic book store and ask for March’s Diamond Previews Magazine.

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