Cruising Through The Reviews of CRUISING THROUGH THE LOUVRE

Author David Prudhomme is the author of the latest volume of the Louvre series, Cruising Through The Louvre.  Here’s what the critics are saying.

“Seen through the thoughtful eye of protagonist Prudhomme, the Louvre is a city of its own, filled with celebrities, quirks, familiar and oddball traditions; a microcosm of civilization exists among its myriad visitors…With its intimate eye on the human act of appreciating art, this book revels in the Louvre as a shared adventure that complements and illuminates its famous art.”

Publisher’s Weekly


“A wonderful, whimsical survey of art and the people who take pictures of it, the true gift of this particular work of art is the truth it reveals about the people holding it in their hands.”

Broken Frontier


Cruising Through the Louvre captures the seemingly random, headspinning, chaos and order, and magnificence of the Louvre…It is a gorgeous, playful artwork in and of itself about art, creating art, order, and randomness.”

NY Journal of Books


“An irreverent, giddy  contemplation of the ways we seek inspiration, the places we go to find it, and what it means to interact  with art in the twenty-first century.”

Booklist Online


“Once you’ve read Cruising Through The Louvre, like Prudhomme, you’ll be changed as well—you’ll start to view the world like Prudhomme, and see panels of humanity (that is, art) everywhere. Which is what good art does: it changes the way we look at life.”

Comics Bulletin


“An absorbing and silently thoughtful read from first page to last”

Midwest Book Review


“The story of Prudhomme wandering through the vaunted halls while looking for his significant other brings the whole venerated building firmly down to earth though, and cleverly uses the mechanics of the comic page to do so. In a metatextual twist, the experience of an art gallery being like a comic book is also commented on.”

True Jersey

“A nifty and unusual look at the Lovre, with attention being paid to the people as well as the paintings.”

Sequential Tart


“The Louvre has always been a place for the people. Give people a chance to enjoy art, and they will rise to it. Give them the Louvre, and you have provided heaven on earth. Prudhomme does not shun or ridicule the public’s hearty appetite for snapping photos and video…All that humanity enjoying their time in the Louvre for a multitude of reasons, no one reason being better or worse than the other! All this, Prudhomme manages to speak to in this quite remarkable book. Bravo! This is a keepsake that you will enjoy many times over.”

Comics Grinder





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