Sean Michael Wilson Discusses Japan’s Earthquake With International Media

From Sean’s Facebook Page: “Yes, it was surprisingly comfortable – when caught in a disaster people, i can recommend laying on a pushed down fence!”

Sean Michael Wilson was nominated today for an Eisner Award, but unfortunately won’t be celebrating just yet.  Based in Japan, he’s currently dealing with the aftermath of the recent earthquake and has been reporting updates to western media.

“The earthquake problem is starting to decrease, but there was a strong level 5 quake followed soon after by a level 4 one just in the last 30 minutes – and I ran for the street (again!). Ive done several media appearances in the last two days, radio and newspapers, including the BBC, , Herald Scotland, US radio (‘The World’, PRI) and the Japan Times. This is an easy link to the contribution I made to a BBC programme talking about the earthquake:″

Join us in wishing Sean and the people of Japan the very best during this difficult time.

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