NBM Announces SPX, Brooklyn Book Festival Plans

This coming weekend, September 16th and 17th will be a busy one, with NBM Graphic Novels appearing at two amazing East Coast Shows, the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD and Brooklyn Book Festival in New York.

Be sure to stop by and check out some of our latest titles!

Small Press Expo (SPX)


Booth G1-2

Bethesda, Maryland
Special Guest: Anais Depommier (Sartre) – Saturday Only
Guest: T.J. Kirsch (Pride of The Decent Man) – Saturday Only
Kata Kane (Ana & The Cosmic Race, Papercutz)


Panel:  Filling In The Pieces: Comics Biography
White Flint Auditorium 9/16 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

When doing a comics biography, how do cartoonists approach the material they have at hand? For Box Brown, who did a biography of Andre the Giant, he struggled to find material that might reveal the wrestler’s inner life. Anais Depommier had to sift through a mountain of material for her biography of Jean-Paul Sartre, a task made all the more difficult considering how much the philosopher wrote about himself. Luke Howard had to deal with a historically and racially sensitive topic in ragtime creator Ernest Hogan. Moderator Chris Mautner will lead the discussion. Anais Depommier appears courtesy of a grant by The Cultural Services of the French Embassy.


Saturday (Booth G-1-2)
11:30- 12:30: Anais Depommier (Saturday Only)
1:00-2:30: T.J. Kirsch (Saturday Only)
2:30-4: Anais Depommier (Saturday Only)
4-5:30: T.J. Kirsch (Saturday Only)
5:00-6:00: Kata Kane
6:00-6:30: Anais Depommier  (Saturday Only)

Sunday (Booth G-1-2)
1-2: Kata Kane
3-4: Kata Kane


Brooklyn Book Festival


Booth 319

Brooklyn, New York
Appearing Sunday Only:
Guests: Anais Depommier (Sartre) and T.J. Kirsch (Pride of The Decent Man)


Sunday (Booth 319)
10 :30-11:30: T.J. Kirsch
11:30-12 :30: Anais Depommier
1-2: T.J. Kirsch
2-3: Anais Depommier
3-4: T.J. Kirsch
4-5 Anais Depommier


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