I’m a Joker…I’m a Smoker…I’m a Midnight Toker…

The following short story does not appear in Algorithmic Reality and this is a parody and is no way meant to depict Elon Musk.

The world has gone mad.

We continue to idolize billionaires and inspire them to act and behave like Marvel super villains. Are they?

No. They are the archetypal egomaniacal businessmen and women tightrope walking the law.

Can you blame them? No, We should blame ourselves.

On the one hand, we despise and resent them for their power, and on the other hand, we despise and resent them for their power, and on the other hand propel their egos by investing in them and hoping to reap the short-term rewards.

We have quite literally learned nothing from the early days of prospecting; as it is our greed that is the fuel that fans the flames.

Joker is a short story created by David Sanchez and Damian Bradfield to accompany their new book, Algorithmic Reality, available now.

We have free, limited physical copies of Joker available with purchase of Algorithmic Reality ordered via NBMPub.com. The first five orders will receive extremely rare signed copies.


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