Belgium (1)

Hi There,

I’m back with some information on the comic series Kinky & Cosy coming up in may!
The twin sisters hometown is Zwendelgem, somewhere in Belgium. Not that you really need to know, but it won’t hurt either: here are some facts about Belgium.

1. Belgium is a kingdom, ruled by king Albert II. His real name is Albert, but a former king with the same name allready took his e-mail address, so our king has to be happy with

Albert II


2. The capital of Belgium is Brussels, also the capital of Europe. Our statue of liberty is Manneke Pis (Little man pee) and measures 22.83inch.

Manneke Pis


3. Our most well known contemporary artist is Wim Delvoye who created a digestive machine, called “Cloaca”. This large installation turns food into feces.



4. Belgium holds the world record in anarchy. This small country is today without a government for 274 days – longer than Iraq – as parties from the Dutch-speaking north and French-speaking south remain split.

World Record of Anarchy


OK, that’s enough geography for today! Enjoy another Kinky & Cosy:

Kinky & Cosy

Kinky & Cosy across the Atlantic

So Terry decided to publish Kinky & Cosy. Party in the house! Besides an exhibition in Manhattan in 2008, that’ll be their first step on the North-American soil. In the following posts I’ll try to give you, reader of the NBM blog, something of a background of this series. But in the meantime: here is what Kinky & Cosy started as : a 3 pannel newspaper comic.