Henry David Thoreau At 200: Part One

Wednesday, July 12th marks the bicentennial of the birth of Henry David Thoreau.  To celebrate his ongoing legacy as an essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian, we’ve put together ten digital postcards for you to share across social media.

Each one utilizes artwork by Maximilien Le Roy from our book, Thoreau: A Sublime Life and features a quote from Thoreau.

Here are the first five postcards:






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Breaking the 10 goes on

Just finished writing the script for volume 2 of BREAKING THE 10… and I’m pretty happy with it. Pretty and Happy!

This reader reviewer from amazon says:

“I really Love the wit and dark humor twisting within a very deep plot! Our pro/antagonist has such a point to make…I cannot wait for the 2nd Vol.”

Thank you and me too! So, now stage 1 of that second volume is complete.

Here is more from volume 1, in which the characters discuss anarchism, is the usual whimsical way of joker Mr Black!



UK comic expert recommends Breaking the 10

The erudite, well dressed, and still slim, comic book expert, Paul Gravett, lists our book as one of his titles to look out for in Jun 2016:

BREAKING THE 10, Vol 1 – by myself (or someone who looks very much like me!)  and Michiru Morikawa.

“When David loses his wife and child in a tragic car accident he decides, in anger at the cruelty of the event, to turn against God. He sets out to systematically break each of the Ten Commandments in order to both spite God and to get his attention! But will he go all the way, and break the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”? Two mysterious figures, Mr. White and Mr. Black, try to win David over to their side: the religious or the humanistic. Deeply sad in parts and comical in others, this modern story explores age old questions: Is there a God? And if there is, does that God care about us?”



And dont forget your chance to vote in EISNERS, comic pros –

By the same team as the above NBM book we also have this book in this year’s nominations:

‘Lafcadio Hearn’s “The Faceless Ghost” and Other Macabre Tales from Japan’

Category 15. Best Adaptation from Another Medium’

voting closes June the 17th:


PERSIA BLUES: “‘A Must-Read’ Work of Comic Book Literature”

Both the Columbus Underground podcast and the Craft podcast interviewed creators Dara Naraghi and Brent Bowman, where they discussed Persia Blues.

Here are some other recent reviews:

Persia Blues transcends genre-based classification and is a “must-read” work of comic book literature.”

Midwest Book Review

Persia Blues is enthralling”

Coverless Reviews


Cruising Through The Reviews of CRUISING THROUGH THE LOUVRE

Author David Prudhomme is the author of the latest volume of the Louvre series, Cruising Through The Louvre.  Here’s what the critics are saying.

“Seen through the thoughtful eye of protagonist Prudhomme, the Louvre is a city of its own, filled with celebrities, quirks, familiar and oddball traditions; a microcosm of civilization exists among its myriad visitors…With its intimate eye on the human act of appreciating art, this book revels in the Louvre as a shared adventure that complements and illuminates its famous art.”

Publisher’s Weekly


“A wonderful, whimsical survey of art and the people who take pictures of it, the true gift of this particular work of art is the truth it reveals about the people holding it in their hands.”

Broken Frontier


Cruising Through the Louvre captures the seemingly random, headspinning, chaos and order, and magnificence of the Louvre…It is a gorgeous, playful artwork in and of itself about art, creating art, order, and randomness.”

NY Journal of Books


“An irreverent, giddy  contemplation of the ways we seek inspiration, the places we go to find it, and what it means to interact  with art in the twenty-first century.”

Booklist Online


“Once you’ve read Cruising Through The Louvre, like Prudhomme, you’ll be changed as well—you’ll start to view the world like Prudhomme, and see panels of humanity (that is, art) everywhere. Which is what good art does: it changes the way we look at life.”

Comics Bulletin


“An absorbing and silently thoughtful read from first page to last”

Midwest Book Review


“The story of Prudhomme wandering through the vaunted halls while looking for his significant other brings the whole venerated building firmly down to earth though, and cleverly uses the mechanics of the comic page to do so. In a metatextual twist, the experience of an art gallery being like a comic book is also commented on.”

True Jersey

“A nifty and unusual look at the Lovre, with attention being paid to the people as well as the paintings.”

Sequential Tart


“The Louvre has always been a place for the people. Give people a chance to enjoy art, and they will rise to it. Give them the Louvre, and you have provided heaven on earth. Prudhomme does not shun or ridicule the public’s hearty appetite for snapping photos and video…All that humanity enjoying their time in the Louvre for a multitude of reasons, no one reason being better or worse than the other! All this, Prudhomme manages to speak to in this quite remarkable book. Bravo! This is a keepsake that you will enjoy many times over.”

Comics Grinder





THE STORY OF LEE in the University of Edinburgh (or vice versa!)

The University of Edinburgh kindly features our book THE STORY OF LEE volume 2 in its Alumni newsletter this month, including some visuals of scenes from the book that take place in the university itself.

The characters, Lee and Matt, go to the university, attending real courses and going to real buildings there.

SOL 2 Edinburgh uni alumni newsletter jan 2016

FIRES ABOVE HYPERION is “a celebration of human connection that transcends race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

Or, to put it in its actual context from the review from the website, Broken Frontier,:

“These are Atangan’s love stories, and even if he’s almost never the hero, in the traditional sense, his struggle for self-acceptance and his uncanny ability to rebound infuses his graphic narrative with an accessibility and sense of careful optimism totally in keeping with the artist himself.

Unassuming yet unflinching, Atangan’s self-deprecating exploration of his twenty-year journey through the trials and tribulations of dating showcases a humility and honesty that resonate deeply with the reader.

Fires Above Hyperion isn’t a chronicle of heartbreak and despair, but rather a celebration of human connection that transcends race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

Here are some choice quotes from other reviews:

“Sweet, charming, and at times cleverly amusing, his quest for meaningful companionship is easy to relate to, regardless of one’s sexual orientation”

Library Journal

“Patrick Atangan has a unique voice and perspective in this field”



“Atangan excels at translating feelings into emotions.”

Comics Alliance


“A home run…(the) art is amazing”

Sequential Tart


“The stylized artwork and tertiary colors have a mid-century feel, which I found quite refreshing.”

A. Book’s Review


“Insightful, penetrating, invitingly self-deprecating, guardedly hopeful and never afraid to be mistaken for morose when occasion demands, this collection of misjudged trysts and missed chances offers a charming glimpse at the eternally hopeful way most folks live their love-lives and the result is magical and unforgettable.”

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