NBM Publishing Announces 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Debuts and Signing Schedule

Come Visit Us at Booth 1528

In anticipation of Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012, NBM Publishing today announced the company’s Comic-Con exclusives, including a free 35th ANNIVERSARY SAMPLER and the premieres of Stan Mack’s TAXES, THE TEA PARTY, AND THOSE REVOLTING REBELS: A History In Comics of the American Revolution and Rick Geary’s TREASURY OF XXTH CENTURY MURDER LOVERS’ LANE: The Hall-Mills Mystery.

By Rick Geary

Treasury of XXth Century Murder: Lovers’ Lane

New Brunswick, New Jersey, Thursday, September 14, 1922.

Reverend Hall and Mrs. Eleanor Mills take a stroll in the town’s park in the evening. Shots are heard. 2 days later, their bodies are found laying on the ground very neatly next to each other with her hand on his thigh, love letters strewn around them, the scarf on her neck covering up the deep bloody slit in it. Reverend Hall, himself married, was in an open secret of an affair with Mrs. Mills, a married woman of his choir.

The perfect ingredients for a juicy scandal and fascinating investigation which the nation’s press hungrily devours. Alas, no clues or evidence are sufficient to make an indictment stick.

Was it suicide? A jealous rival? The case reopens again 4 years later as new information is brought to light, indicting the reverend’s wife but she is an upstanding member of her community, denying to the last that her husband had any affair…

TAXES, THE TEA PARTY,  AND THOSE REVOLTING REBELS: A History In Comics of the American Revolution
By Stan Mack

Taxes, The Tea Party, and those Revolting Rebels A Comics History of the American Revolution

Here’s the fun way to learn all about the Birth of the United States: in comics!

“A cartoonist de-mythologizes the Founding Fathers and makes them more ‘like us'”says the New York Times.

Uncannily relevant to today’’s world. Learn about the original revolt against taxes: the Boston Tea Party, and the original Occupy movement: the Rebels in revolt against the status quo. A whimsical and informative pictorial history featuring a chubby, insecure King George III, rebellious and misunderstood colonists, loudmouthed and insensitive aristocrats, and more.

Updated from the original Stan Mack’s Real Life American Revolution published by Avon books in 1994.

35th Anniversary Free Sampler

Includes a look at our fall titles including TAXES, THE TEA PARTY, AND THOSE REVOLTING REBELS: A History In Comics of the American Revolution by Stan Mack, PHILOSOPHY A DISCOVERY IN COMICS by Margreet de Heer,  ABELARD from artist Renaud Dillies and writer Régis Hautière, and the latest volume of our Louvre series, AN ENCHANTMENT by Christian Durieux!


Stan Mack will appear on two panels; “Progressive Politics and Comics” on Thursday, July 12 at 1:00 PM in Room 32AB, and “Serious Pictures: Comics and Journalism in a New Era” on Sunday the 15th at 3:00 PM in Room 32AB.


Stan Mack will be appearing at the NBM Booth (1528) on Thursday 2:30-4:00 and 5:30-7:00, Saturday 10:30-Noon and 4:00-5:30, Sunday 10:30-Noon.

Rick Geary will be appearing at the NBM Booth (1528) on Thursday 10:30-Noon and 4:00-5:30, Friday 1:00-2:30 and 5:30-7:00, Saturday 1:00-2:30 and 5:30-7:00.

Brooke A. Allen (A Home For Mr. Easter) will be appearing at the NBM Booth (1528) on Friday 4:00-5:30, Saturday 2:30-4:00 and Sunday 1:00-2:30.

Cornnell Clarke
of the Eurotica series, Peanut Butter, will be making appearances at the booth throughout the weekend.

Our first Twitter contest: A Home for Mr. Easter!

Starting today and running through September 30th we’re going to be running our first promotional campaign on Twitter, to celebrate cartoonist Brooke A. Allen‘s A HOME FOR MR. EASTER.

To participate, please tweet about this book @NBMPUB, and be sure to use the Hash Tag #READMREASTER

And if for some reason you haven’t read A HOME FOR MR. EASTER yet, now is your chance to get it at 20% off at the NBM site through August 31st (or call us at 800-886-1223, M-F 9-6 ET, mention code EAS for the discount)

The contest is simple, the top three people promoting the book will each win a copy of a NBM published book of their choice and the person who promotes the book in the most interesting way (including reviews, blog entries, etc.) will win an original sketch from Brooke.

 Viva la comics!

 Stefan Blitz, social media publicist

NBM in April: A Home for Mr. Easter

Here’s what’s in Diamond Previews this month for what’s coming in April:

Check out this one, Brooke Allen absolutely floored us when she presented this to us:

Brooke A. Allen
You will love this crazy energetic book by a refreshing new talent! Tesana has never really fit into anything before but her daydreams. But when making an attempt to connect to her peers by joining in a pep rally planning committee she suddenly discovers a little white rabbit that lays brightly colored eggs. Realizing that she may have found the real life Easter bunny, Tesana embarks on an epic quest in an effort to get him back to his natural habitat and into safe hands. However as she progresses on her fanciful journey she gains more and more undesired attention until the quest becomes an increasingly madcap race to stay ahead of greedy pursuers and find a safe place for her new friend…wherever that place may be. It’s Tesana against the world!
6×9, 208pp, B&W, trade pb, $13.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-580-1


More previews here! Hope you love it like we did and get the word around!

Also from Eurotica this month:

Robert Edison SANDIFORD
With art by Geof Isherwood
3 engrossing and salacious stories. In the title story, a traveler in a bar is accosted by a very horny young woman who bewitches him with unseen circumstances! Then, a photographer is asked by her best friends to tape them having sex—only to have the camera turned on her. Finally, as he lies dying, an old woman reflects on the passionate life she has led with her husband.
From a variety of female viewpoints, Great Moves by Robert Edison Sandiford (Attractive Forces, Steamy Mirrors) and Geof Isherwood (Conan, Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange, Lani the Leopard Queen) tells the stories of Caribbean people in love and lust.
8 1/2 x 11, 48pp., B&W trade pb.: $9.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-584-9

+ We’re bringing back Sandiford’s first 2 books which have been out of print:

Attractive Forces and Stray Moonbeams.

SEE MORE in Eurotica (you need to be over 18), click on the April Coming Up banner.

Meanwhile, might as well tell you our sister publishing co. Papercutz has the big launch of the new DISNEY FAIRIES coming in April. More coming about that on their site soon!

Plus they’ve got Geronimo Stilton #4, Classics Illustrated presenting it’s ninth volume with Peter Kuper’s adaptation of Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” and Hardy Boys #19.

Go check it out!

All of this being solicited for at your comics stores now.

Welcome, Brooke

I am very excited to introduce Brooke Allen here, see her post below. Even just a student still, she shows incredible talent already and her energetic drawing style coupled with an uproarious story will make her intro book A Home for Mr. Easter a hit, I just know it!

Take a look at the previews we’ve posted. I’m tellin’ ya her book is irresistible. Just got all the pages and I’m relishing them, snickering openly in  the subway while people stare at me for reading such stuff in public. Nyeh, nyeh.