Trailers up on Comixology

Comixology NBM news: the wonderful GN Trailers executed by Mark Kneece and Julie Collins-Rousseau, both on the faculty of the Savannah College of Art & Design, is now available on Comixology for $7.99!

And by the way, we haven’t mentioned this before much here but Comixology has the complete Boneyard saga up, Some Treasury of Murder books, a long free preview of Kinky & Cosy (full book up soon!), Bluesman, A Home for Mr. Easter, The Big Kahn and Joe & Azat.

All of these come with 10 page free previews you can pre-vision first before buying and all are priced at about 70% of the paperback versions!

As you’ll see when you go there, it’s starting to become a pretty good library of our books available.

We’re on Comixology!

Starting with Bluesman last week and today adding Boneyard, vol.1, NBM graphic novels are being made available bit by bit on the leading mobile provider of comics Comixology. Bluesman is available at $9.99 vs. $24.95 for the clothbound edition, Boneyard vol.1 is at a promo price of $5.99 vs. the print pb. price of $12.95.

This makes them available for iPhone and iPad. More NBM books are scheduled to be uploaded every Wednesday, their day of putting up new comics, in synch with comics stores.

Stay tuned for further announcements concerning E-books and mobile, as NBM expands into those areas.