Rick Geary To Premiere LOUISE BROOKS: DETECTIVE At Denver Comic Con

For the past two decades, NBM Publishing has released Rick Geary’s The Treasury of Victorian Murder and Treasury of XXth Century Murder series.  Over the years he’s chronicled such iconic true crimes as Jack the Ripper, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the lives of Sacco and Vanzetti.

This weekend (May 23-25), Rick will be attending Denver Comic Con and will be premiering his latest book, Louise Brooks, Detective.

Stepping away for a bit from his growing and impressive body of work in the Treasury of Murder true crime series, Geary creates a fictional story around a favorite actress: Louise Brooks. Spun around her actual brief meteoric career as a smoldering film actress who popularized bangs, Geary fantasizes about her coming back to her home town of Wichita where she becomes intrigued by a murder involving a friend, a famous reclusive writer and a shady beau. Not before she gets herself in great danger will she emerge with the solution the police fail to grasp!

Be sure to check out the book and meet Rick, who will be exhibiting at TABLE H-32