BACK TO PRESS! Girl in Dior, Thoreau, and Ghetto Brother.

2016 has been an excellent year for NBM biography books continuing to sell and sell!

Girl in Dior is now back to press for a fourth printing!

Girl In Dior

The bio of Thoreau is heading to a 2nd printing in just 8 months!

THOREAU, A Sublime Life

and finally, after that amazing review by Junot Diaz in the New York Times this week, Ghetto Brother is going into its 3rd printing.



Girl in Dior Debuts in Style: First Run Sold Out

The GIRL IN DIOR arrived in the warehouse! We have had such a great response to this book that we have already sold out of our first print run! We are carefully allocating the stock we have now.

GIRL IN DIOR is already back to press, and we expect more copies will be available this May! The book will be available on Amazon and in stores shortly, but supplies will be limited for now. This one is worth the wait


For previews and more, visit our website! Stay tuned for news about creator Annie Goetzinger’s US tour in support of the book.

NBM for February: Some French Goodies

February’s Diamond Previews catalog is in comic stores now! NBM has some great offerings to showcase in February including the remarkable GIRL IN DIOR, by Annie Goetzinger.

Girl In Dior












Annie Goetzinger

The Girl in Dior is Clara, a freshly hired chronicler, fan of fashion and our guide in the busy corridors of the brand new house of Christian Dior. It’s February 12, 1947 and the crème de la crème of Paris Haute Couture is flocking to the momentous event of Dior’s first show. In a flurry of corolla shaped skirts, the parade of models file down the runway. The audience is mesmerized: it’s a triumph! Carmel Snow of Harper’s Bazaar cries out: “It’s quite a revolution, your dresses have such a new look!“ Dior’s career is launched and Clara’s story begins. Soon, she is picked by Dior himself to be his model…
A biography docudrama marrying fiction and the story of one of the greatest couturier in history, it is also a breathless and stunning presentation of his best designs such as Lauren Bacall wore, rendered by bestselling artist Annie Goetzinger, seen for the first time on this side of the Atlantic.
“A portrait full of lightness and class, capable of charming even men, so you can imagine how women will love this.” –Le Figaro
“Great gift idea” –Elle
8.5 x 11, 128 pp., full-color quaterbound, foil stamped and embossed cover: $27.99
ISBN: 9781561639144
Diamond Order Code: DEC141578



Also featured is our unique accordion book, STREET VIEW, which is sure to provide a new experience.

Street View













Pascal Rabaté

A visually incomparable treat and a brilliant homage to Hitchcock’s Rear Window, this unusual accordion book opens in two directions. One, a series of ten tableaux on a street scene as it evolves during the day. The next on 10 evening tableaux of the same view. A window may serve as a source of light and fresh air, but it also presents a view onto the life of a street and its many other windows, each a separate scene of its own, with its multitude of on-going stories developing before your eyes. Within those windows, you can witness the lives of single people, couples, families, stories of love, separation and possibly even… murder.
8×11, 48pp, full color accordion book, hardcover:  $27.99
ISBN 9781561639083
Diamond Order Code: AUG141555


In this month’s PREVIEWS we are also revisiting ZOMBILLENIUM to get you ready for next summer’s release of Volume 3!


Zombiellennium Vol.1: Gretchen












ZOMBILLENIUM #1: “Gretchen”
Arthur de Pins
Francis von Bloodt, vampire, a good family man, manages the theme park Zombillenium. They don’t just hire anyone, at Zombillenium: mere mortals need not apply, the park works only with genuine werewolves, vampires and zombies. This is what Aurelian gets to discover as, burnt out, deceived by his wife, he finally gets hired in spite of himself in this strange business. Gretchen, a plucky trainee witch, helps him get around…
A Young Adult Library Services Association 2014 Great Graphic Novel for Teens
“The twist at the end will send readers to read it again and they will certainly want to know what happens next.” –Library Media Connection
“Zombillenium does for cartoon monsters what Sfar and Trondheim’s Dungeon albums do for funny animals.” –Seattle Post Intelligencer
9×12, 48 pp., full-color hardcover: $14.99
ISBN 9781561637348
Diamond Order Code: APR131181


Zombillenium, vol.2












ZOMBILLENIUM #2: “Human Resources”
Arthur De Pins

Tempers are flaring around Zombillenium, the monster amusement park run by monsters. When one hires only the dead (or witches!) in a region where unemployment is in the double digits, one must expect some friction. But things get particularly ugly when the park’s security is breached from two sides: activists and a very strange visitor, mom to two peculiar sons the head of the park seems to remember from somewhere… Gretchen and Aurelian do their best to help save a precarious explosive situation! All presented in De Pins’ trademark tongue-in-cheek jubilant black humor and stunning art.
9×12, 48pp. full-color hardcover: $14.99
ISBN 9781561638505
Diamond Order Code: MAY141483


ZOMBILLENIUM VOLS 1 and 2 and STREET VIEW are available to purchase now. GIRL IN DIOR will be available starting in February. To place an order please visit our website, or place your order with your local comic book store now!