New webcomic!

Exactly ten years ago on Easter Monday I started my first webcomic – it was black&white and I vowed not to spend more time on it than one hour a day, including scanning and putting it online, so that I would learn to be fast and productive and not to second-guess myself too much. This comic ran for almost two years – although calling it a “daily” proved far too optimistic.

Here are some of the comics I made then:


I had a different life back then: I had stepchildren, four cats, blond hair and I was taking driving lessons, which finally resulted in me getting my license at age 33!


My drawing style was still very much in development at that stage. The webcomic really helped me to find the courage to draw a nice quick, loose line.




Now, ten years later, the world of webcomics has grown bigger and bigger and I enjoy quite a lot of them on a daily basis. So much that I want to get back in there myself. I like the productive flow that a webcomic can bring, as well as the direct interaction with an audience. I’ve been working on so many things lately that I can’t show yet, since it’s for books and projects that will be revealed later – and with this webcomic I can draw and rant about stuff and send it out in the world immediately.




This time, I’m aiming for more polished, colored comics that loosely connect to my graphic novels in that they depict my interests in all kinds of things, but also show autobiographical bits of my life with Yiri and our cat Toto. The tagline is “Discoveries about my life, the universe and everything” – with a wink to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 😉

I’m posting the webcomic on my Tumblr account, which was pretty dormant in the past months. I like Tumblr’s layout options and the easy archiving, and hope it will make for easy reading.

Please check out my webcomic here. On this blog, I will post some of the gems from the webcomic in future, but if you want them nice and fresh, bookmark this link and enjoy the ride!